Summer Infant baby monitors

Summer Infant baby monitors

Summer Infant baby monitors use 100% digital technology, which enables a private and secure connection to baby, providing parents peace of mind.

See your little one on this high definition monitor featuring a large 5″ color LCD flat-screen and the best picture quality available in baby monitors – two-times the resolution of traditional baby monitors (800×480 vs 480×320).

With a pan/scan/zoom HD camera, two-way communication, and temperature display, the Sharp View delivers the latest technology in baby monitor innovation.

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Monitoring the temperature in baby’s room is important for parents so they know baby is comfortable.

An on-screen display in Fahrenheit or Celsius provides a convenient way for them to do this. And, with Temperature Alerts, parents can be notified if the temperature goes above or below a minimum and maximum setting.

Parents select their desired high and low temperature settings and are alerted by a beep and an on-screen message on the handheld monitor when the temperature goes above or below the settings, helping parents ensure the nursery is safe and comfortable.

Rest assured knowing you can see your baby day and night, including overnight, with automatic night vision. Infrared LEDs automatically adjust to the level of light in the room and transmit a clear black and white image in low-light and darkened room conditions.

Additionally, when the monitor is in standby mode, the video ‘goes to sleep’ to conserve battery power. Voice-activated video is a feature that enables the video to automatically show on screen when noise is detected in baby’s room. This replaces the need for parents to press the ‘video on/off’ button to bring it back to the screen, and can be especially helpful in the middle of the night!

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Calm baby with the sound of your voice or talk to each other to conveniently remind one another of something needed from the nursery.

By speaking into the handheld monitor your voice is projected through the camera, so you can give baby comfort.

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Remotely control the camera to see more of the baby’s room and help keep a mobile baby in view as they start to move around in the crib.

The pan and scan feature allows parents to move the camera left and right, and up and down. Multi-level zoom allows parents to change the level of zoom for increasingly closer views on screen, up to 3x closer than the normal screen view.

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