Selfy Bar Mount by iLuv – Capture Your Special Bicycle Moments in Style

Don’t miss out on any special moment while bicycling by clicking those selfy videos on time.

What you’ll need is the Selfy Bar Mount by iLuv. It is an easy to use mount which will clamp to your bike’s handlebars and will help you record all the action when you’re riding on the road.

The mount can be used on bicycles and motorcycles too. The purpose is to enable you record all the incredible moments you experience during your bike rides without distracting your rides by any chance. The key to the specialty of this mount is the slot which holds the shutter at the back of the selfy case.

You have to slide the shutter out, replace it with the main connector and then make your selfy case compatible with any selfy accessory. Capturing your solo adventures on the bike was never this easy.



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