Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

What is Rover 2.0?

A tank that you control from your smartphone or tablet, making streaming video in real time, teaches trails system has night vision infrared lets you hear what’s around him and answer with their own message.

Rover 2.0 – Super Gadget from FunGadgets Faster, smarter, better! Rover 2.0 goes where no smartphone-controlled tank did not go.

Check him with: iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch device, or smartphones and tablets with Android ™.
See in the dark using night-vision system integrated.
View live desktop or tablet smartphone tank room, you can record video or take pictures that distribute them on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter directly from the application.

Camera angle is remotely, from the application. Just headlights. Being a microphone, you can hear the sounds around the tank and can transmit their own voice through the built-in speakers.

Wi-Fi router allows control over a distance of up to 60m or 30m unobstructed by walls.


Faster, stronger, better. Rover 2.0 will boldly go where no App-controlled tank has gone before. Discover strange new life forms at home or at work. Record their activities-and even communicate via two-way audio.

Steer by G-Drive Use your device’s accelerometer to make it like a steering wheel in your hand.

Wide-angle video camera View, record and share your missions online, or capture digital photos. In Rover 2.0, you can control the angle of the video camera remotely. Its wide-angle lens captures more of its surroundings.


Night vision and Stealth Mode Rover 2.0 lets you see (and record) in the dark with no lights for stealthy operations. Also has built-in headlights that can be turned on and off from your control device.

Rover 2.0 App-Controlled Wireless Spy Tank

Communicate via 2-way audio Listen to sound from Rover 2.0’s travels and transmit your own audio back through Rover 2.0’s built-in speaker. Roger, Rover!

Boldly go up to 200 feet Rover 2.0 can travel 200 feet in unobstructed places, or 100 feet around walls.

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