3DR Solo Smart Drone

3DR Solo Smart Drone

Enjoy high-flying fun with this 3DR Solo Smart Drone. This all-in-one drone makes it easy to fly and take professional aerial photos and video.

What’s more, it delivers live video streaming in beautiful HD from your GoPro straight to your smartphone or tablet at ranges up to 800m. A GoPro mount is included, with an optional gimbal sold separately.

You’ve captured incredible footage of your amazing adventures, but still long for a new perspective, the bigger picture, and that professional edge. Now you can go beyond the edge, above the action, and over rooftops, treetops, canyons and waves. The 3DR Smart Drone takes the GoPro camera out of your hands and puts breathtaking, cinematic footage within your reach — and under your control.

Imagine sharing jaw-dropping aerial shots of your once-in-a-lifetime ride on a monster wave, or epic hike to a majestic peak. Imagine making an independent movie, music video, or real estate video tour with dramatic footage, previously beyond the reach of anyone but well-funded professionals.

Now stop imagining, and prepare to see your adventures from a new point of view.

Why you need this:

  • Easy to fly, with familiar controls: There’s no need for extensive training. With an intuitive videogame-inspired controller, onboard computer flight stabilization, and even dedicated buttons for takeoff, land, and return home, virtually anyone can operate the drone safely and effectively.
  • Speed, range, and accuracy: With a with a top speed of 55mph (88.51km/h) the rechargeable battery provides up to 25 minutes of flight time. A built-in display in the controller gives you critical information, including remaining flight time.
  • Safety features: A maximum altitude of 400ft ensures FAA compliancy, and a handy “pause” function lets you set the drone to automatically stop and hover at any time. The controller even vibrates to let you know the battery is getting low and it’s time to land.
  • Designed with GoPro, with optional advanced GoPro control: The included mount lets you attach a GoPro action camera and stream HD video to your iOS or Android device from up to 800 meters. With the optional Gimbal (sold separately) you can control and charge your GoPro in-flight, and execute Smart Shots — cinematically inspired movements like Orbit, Follow, and Cable cam that deliver professional-looking footage.
  • Mobile device mount and HDMI out: An adjustable arm on the controller lets you mount your smartphone or small tablet to view streaming HD video from your GoPro, or even control the copter via the Solo app for iOS and Android. An HDMI output on the controller lets you view footage on any compatible display.
  • Powerful processors, open platform for new features: Dual 1GHz ARM Cortex CPUs power the advanced autopilot and Smart Shot control functions. Linux OS allows for software updates, and new features. The open platform system is available to third party developers, including those from the drone community, so you’ll have free access to new features and functions continuously.

3D Robotics Solo Ready-to-Fly Aerial Photography

Piloting a drone for the first time can be intimidating, but the 3DR Solo is a leader in ease of use and safety.

The video game-inspired controller features a pair of flight control sticks, a built-in display for critical information, programmable buttons and dedicated buttons for takeoff, land, return home and pause.

The computers work in the background to keep things smooth, but that pause button acts as an emergency airbrake to instantly make Solo freeze midair. An adjustable arm on the controller holds a mobile device (from a smartphone to small tablet) so you can access the mobile app and display real-time HD video from the drone.

3D Robotics Solo Ready-to-Fly Aerial Photography

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